From that day in 1919 when Hiram Cohen first opened the doors to our agency, the core principals of Professionalism, Longevity, Stability have remained steadfast over our four generations. The world has changed over the past 100 years, but our core principals of doing business and managing your risks have remained unchanged.

Hiram Cohen generated long-term client relationships by considering his clients extended family. Today, Hiram’s grandson, great grandson, and their experienced staff carry on that same tradition. We strive to deliver individual and considerate attention to each and every client through a consultative approach to your insurance program. With your input, we can build a policy that serves your needs. Working together as a team will help us better understand your needs and manage your risks.

Our same core principals extends itself to our partner companies. Our commitment is backed up by decades of loyalty with many of our partners that operate on the same core principles and offer the type of services and promises we want to align ourselves with. That’s why we’ve represented many of them for over 40 years, and look forward to continued partnership in the future.

Our founder’s principal of the client-first vision is apart of our commitment and loyalty by our dedicated, stable staff that we hope translates directly into a positive client experience. Some families hand down recipes or heirlooms – Hiram Cohen handed down the idea of client-focused service. It’s proof through these wonderful relationships Hiram Cohen & Son enjoys with its many clients and partner companies that our inheritance should be cherished.