Personal Insurance

If you’re like most people then your home is the single largest investment of your life. At Hiram Cohen & Son, Inc. we work hand-in-hand with you and the insurance company to protect that investment in a variety of ways. We work with carriers that will give you the freedom of choice when it matters most. Ask yourself the following questions when making a decision to purchase homeowners coverage:

Will the insurance company require me to repair or replace the damaged property in order to be paid replacement cost?

Some insurance companies require you to actually repair or replace your damaged property to receive full replacement value for your loss. Consider an insurance company that will give you the freedom of choice that will pay your policy limit, whether or not you repair or rebuild your home that is damaged after a covered loss. Freedom of choice is yours, not the insurance company’s.

Will the insurance company require me to use their vendor or contractor to repair or replace what is damaged?

Freedom of choice means giving you the option to either pick from a list of preferred local vendors or use your own contractor.

If I have a claim at my house that renders it unlivable for a period of time, where am I going to live?

Comfort is key when you need to get your possessions back in order, which is why you want an insurance company that will maintain your standard of living. After a covered loss or forced evacuation, you want an insurance company to pay for temporary housing that is comparable to your home, plus the increase in expenses until you can return to your home.

My house was built before the Town Code mandated certain upgrades. Will the insurance company pay for them?

Insurance is intended to replace what you had prior to the loss. If, for example, your home did not have an interior residential sprinkler system prior to the loss, then an insurance company is not required to pay the increased costs to install one when you rebuild your home, even if town code requires it. You should consider an insurance company that will pay the additional costs required by town code so you do not need to pay out of pocket for these upgrades.

High-value items that require special policies or riders